About KNX

Whether for a family residence or corporate premises, comfort and versatility in the management of air-conditioning, lighting, shading and access control systems are increasingly becoming a vital necessity. At the same time, the efficient use of energy is gaining more and more importance.

KNX is a standardized network communication protocol that makes the management of automation systems easy, flexible, energy efficient and secure.

Following the convergence of the 3 previous standards (European Home Systems Protocol (EHS), BatiBUS, and the European Installation Bus (EIB or Instabus)), KNX is the groundbreaking universal successor that is designed to be independent of any particular hardware platform.

The KNX Bus solves the problem of having isolated devices for transferring control data to all building management components. In fact, it ensures all components communicate via its system, thus being the common language for all bus devices (Twisted pair wiring, Wireless, Infrared and Ethernet).

With KNX, you can control lights, curtains and roller shutters, air conditioning, different sensors and detectors, as well as GPS weather stations, home TV and sound media. In other words, KNX protocol is used to control just about any automation system. The task is made super easy with the simple switch of a button or the single tap on your smartphone/tablet.

It is noteworthy that KNX is first approved as an open standard to the European standard (CENELEC EN 50090 and CEN EN 13321-1). Then, the International standard (ISO/IEC 14543-3), the Canadian standard (CSA-ISO/IEC 14543-3), the US standard (ANSI/ASHRAE 135) and the Chinese standard (China Guo Biao GB/T 20965) all followed suit.

Moreover, and as of Arpil 1st, 2014, KNX Association had 369 members/manufacturers from 37 countries. It also has partnership agreements with over 46,000 installers above in 100 countries and more than 60 technical universities, in addition to what exceeds 300 training centers around the world.

Engineers also ought to know that devices of different manufactures and different applications can be combined to one working station thanks to the KNX Device Network.

For this reason, it is extremely crucial for every engineer/technician to learn about the KNX installation, which is what BATC is here for!

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