KNX+ Advanced Course

The KNX+ Advanced Course is an extension 100% practical course, to the KNX Basic Course.
The Advanced Course provides the knowledge and the use of:

  • Flags
  • Coupler in complex buildings
  • Logic functions
  • Visualisation systems
  • Heating Ventilation Air-Conditioning
  • Light control (Integrated Applications, Interworking, KNX and Multimedia, KNX and Smart Metering)
  • Security Technology
  • Failsafe planning ETS tools
After completing the Advanced Course, the trainee gains the knowledge to work in a professional and profitable way in advanced KNX projects. The course is taught in English. As a prerequisite, the trainee should be certified as a KNX Partner, through the KNX Basic Course.
The course is based on the latest ETS5 software, the Engineering Tool Software as provided by the KNX Association.